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By now, you have probably heard of the health benefits of green tea and how amazing this magic drink is but do you know exactly what they are? The Eastern beverage we are all so curious to learn more about, seemingly has endless ‘pluses’ and no negatives, but what exactly are some of the benefits of drinking green tea?

Countless scientific studies have shown that consuming several cups of this useful elixir per day has nearly innumerable health benefits ranging from its ability to lower high blood pressure and regulate blood sugar to its knack for aiding in weight loss.

Health benefits of green tea include the reduction of the “bad” form of cholesterol. In addition, the same studies have shown lower levels of certain liver enzymes which suggest reduced risk of liver disease.

One of the health benefits of green tea is that it has been proven to increase your body’s ability to burn calories more efficiently. You won’t see weight melt off of you overnight, but the tea’s thermogenic properties can help you get over a stubborn weight-loss plateau or help you step up your metabolism.

For thousands of years, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have credited the health benefits of green tea with being helpful in preventing and treating all sorts of ailments.

We now know that the health benefits of green tea are due largely in part to its powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants are kept largely intact due to the very minimal processing that the leaves undergo. The harvesting, gentle processing, and the fact that the leaves are not allowed to oxidize or ferment, much of these polyphenols and antioxidants remain in the final product.

One of the most favorable health benefits of green tea is that it scavenges harmful free-radicals which contribute to aging and poor health. Consuming several cups per day or taking an extract is a great habit to get in to and although it does contain caffeine, it’s less in comparison to coffee.

Another health benefits of green tea is that you get the pick-me-up and mental clarity associated with caffeine—just minus the jittery side effects.

This beverage is perfect for helping people slowly wean themselves off of caffeine without the withdrawals and irritability while providing their body with disease-fighting phythochemicals!

Aside from the numerous and obvious health benefits of green tea, a soothing cup of can soothe our very minds.

Truly enjoying this timeless beverage affords us the much needed opportunity to take a step back from the hustle and bustle of our hectic lives and simply relax!

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In our hectic modern world many people are taking ‘time out’ to practice Qigong (Qi pronounce chee Gong pronounce gung, as in lung)
or other Chinese arts such as Tai Chi. The history of qigong goes back approximately 2,500 years, however Chinese archaeologists and historians have found references to qigong-like techniques at least five thousand years old.

Everyone can practice Qigong, regardless of age, sex or ability.

Qigong offers us a holistic approach to body, mind and spirit, which can provide us with the ‘tools’ to cope with the challenges of daily life and is a powerful system of healing and energy exercise specifically designed to benefit health on many different levels. It is the art and science of using breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditation to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the life energy (qi). The  practice leads to better health and vitality and a tranquil state of mind.

Qigong is easy to learn and enjoyable to do. Even a few minutes of practise can have an invigorating and rejuvenating effect. Regular practise brings about a deep strengthening effect for the whole body and mind. Its ability to help in healing a large variety of chronic and acute injuries and illnesses has been the subject of various research programmes led by the Chinese medical authorities.

Healing Qigong (sometimes translated “Medical Qigong”) is the preventive and self-healing aspect of Chinese medicine. The aim of Qigong is to promote the movement of Qi (energy) in the body; this is done by opening certain gates and stretching and twisting energy channels and the practice helps invigorate the energy to flow along the meridians within our bodies. By clearing these acupuncture channels of blockages and blood stagnation will in turn help rejuvenate the body and mind. We are all exposed to stress. Qigong teaches us how to control our reactions to stress so that life events do not cause such symptoms as high blood pressure, frustration, or anxiety.

The ‘art’ once a closely guarded secret in China, is now widely reconised around the world for its health benefits. It is acknowledged by leading master in the East to:

strengthen the immune system

reduce stress and fatigue

improve coordination and balance

improve blood and energy circulation

improve concentration

increase vitality

increase mental calmness and control

increase flexibility

Feedback from past and current students shows that, with a little bit of regular practise, Qigong can have a powerful effect on mind, body and spirit. Reported benefits have included increased general health and well being, reduced levels of stress, better sleep and a brighter and more balanced outlook on life’s possibilities.

Qigong is fun to practice and is suitable for all ages and abilities.

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